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Photo Credit: David Cobb

Visiting Tips

Our rule policy can be boiled down to one key principle:

Please be considerate of the Garden and of the Garden experience for all visitors.

This allows us to continue providing an exceptional experience for everyone who walks through the Garden’s gates, now and for future generations.

Everything we ask of our visitors comes from that one idea.

  • Please stay on approved paths throughout.
  • Please do not block pathways; if lingering in a spot, be sure to make space for other visitors to pass by.
  • Please silence your cell phone and refrain from talking on it in the Garden. Electronic games are also discouraged.
  • To keep the Garden clean and critter-free, we do not allow food or beverages, aside from water.
  • No pets except for trained service animals.
  • The Garden does not allow portrait photography (e.g. wedding, graduation, or head shot photos) or any photography that significantly disrupts the experience of other visitors.
  • Likewise, we do not allow weddings, funerals, group ceremonies, or unauthorized video shoots at any time.
  • While we encourage artists of all types to take inspiration from our Garden, we do not allow paints, inks, or other staining pigments to be used in the Garden. Pencils, pens, and charcoal are permitted.
  • Accessibility: A free Garden shuttle is available to assist visitors from the parking lot up the hill to the Admission Gate. During our current construction, it runs every Saturday and Sunday. Wheelchairs are not provided
  • In accordance with Portland Parks & Recreation’s policy, the Garden and surrounding areas are Smoke and Tobacco-free.


We are honored that professionals and amateurs alike find inspiration at the Portland Japaneses Garden.

Again to keep the Garden an accessible and enjoyable experience for all visitors, please be considerate when photographing the Garden

  • No staged, portrait photography.
  • Please do not climb trees, enter waterfall areas, or step into raked sand gardens. Keep yourself and your equipment (including tripods) on pathways at all times.
  • Please do not disrupt Gardeners and Garden volunteers while working or ask them to move for your photography shot.
  • Visitors from all over the state, country, and the world come to enjoy the Garden. We ask that you do not block views of or pathways through the Garden for extended periods of time.
  • Please do not ask visitors to move out of your photograph.
  • Please do not touch or move plant life. Do not hang backpacks or props on trees or plants.
  • There is a $5.00/person charge for using a tripod for anyone who is not a Garden Member.
  • The Garden assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to equipment. Take valuables with you when you park your car. Do not leave equipment unattended.

The Portland Japanese Garden maintains the right to adjust these policies, in specific instances, in the best interests of the Garden and the general public.

For information about a Photography Membership, please visit the photographers page.