A Distant View

“Sora ni” by Sueharu Fukami, photo by Takashi Hatakeyama

The Porcelain Sculpture of Sueharu Fukami with Photographs by Jean Vollum Exhibition

October 5-November 17

*The exhibition will be closed during Free Admission Day on Monday, November 11.

The Portland Japanese Garden will present the exhibition A Distant View: The Porcelain Sculpture of Sueharu Fukami with Photographs by Jean Vollum October 5-November 17, 2013. Works by Sueharu Fukami—some on loan from private collectors in Portland and others direct from the artist’s studio in Fushimi, Japan—will be exhibited along with a series of color photographs by the late Jean Vollum, who was Fukami’s longtime friend and patron. Internationally acclaimed for his ceramics, Fukami produces sleek, elegant sculptures with soaring forms and refined edges that are achieved by injecting liquid clay into a plaster mold, a technique developed and refined by Fukami. The porcelain is colored with a distinctive bluish-white glaze called qingbai in China, where it was developed in the 11th century.  This bluish-white hue is echoed in the photographs of Jean Vollum, which capture the striking, fragile forms of polar ice floes. Both artists’ work is inspired by the natural world. Fukami recalls an experience by the ocean when he was in his early 20s that was a defining moment in his career. “It was the memory of an encounter I had with a sharp breeze while on the cliff during winter… All the senses in my body felt the pleasure of the strange wind as it stabbed my cheek. This tactile experience is at the heart of my creations.”

“Ice-Cycles” by Jean Vollum

This exhibition is presented by a generous grant from The Jean Vollum Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment and supported by the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.

The 2013 Art in the Garden series is supported by the Meyer Memorial Trust, James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund, The Collins Foundation, the Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust, and the Jackson Foundation.

Golden Crane Member Opening

Friday, October 4
Invitation only

Lecture by Dr. Shinya Maezaki, A Distant View: The Porcelain Sculpture of Sueharu Fukami 

Saturday, October 5
Marion L. Miller Gallery, Mark Building, Portland Art Museum
$10 members/$15 non-members

Dr. Shinya Maezaki is the world’s leading expert on the work of Japanese ceramic sculptor Sueharu Fukami, whose soaring porcelain sculpture in the delicate light blue qingbai glaze has made him one of Japan’s most internationally acclaimed artists. There are four pieces of Fukami’s work in the collection of the Portland Art Museum, and many in private collections in Portland.

This is the opening lecture for the exhibition A Distant View: The Porcelain Sculpture of Sueharu Fukami with Photographs by Jean Vollum on view at the Portland Japanese Garden from October 5 through November 17. The artist will be present at the lecture with Dr. Maezaki to answer questions.