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Frequently Asked Questions


Planning a Visit

Is the Garden under construction? +-

When is the Garden's Shuttle Running? +-

What is your contact information? +-

When is the best time of year to visit? +-

How much time should I allow to visit the Garden? +-

How do I get to the Garden? +-

May I have a wedding, commitment ceremony or reception at the Garden? +-

May I bring my pet if it’s on a leash or if I’m carrying it? +-

May I bring a picnic? +-

Do you serve food or tea? +-

What are your photography policies? +-

Are there any free days or events? +-

How can I get a group rate? +-

May I rent the Garden’s Pavilion for a personal event? +-

Why do you open at 12pm on Mondays and 10am the rest of the week? +-

How is the Portland Japanese Garden different from the Chinese Garden? +-

Is the Garden wheelchair accessible? +-

Is the Garden stroller accessible? +-


Our Organization

Is the Garden run by the City of Portland? +-

How many Japanese gardens are there in the United States? +-

Who runs the Garden? +-

How can I get a job at the Garden? +-

Can I volunteer as a gardener? +-

I have some Japanese antiques I would like to donate to the Garden. What should I do? +-

Does the Garden provide donations to other nonprofits for fundraisers? +-



What's in bloom now? +-

Why doesn’t the Garden post the names of plant material throughout the Garden? +-

How do you keep the Garden free of weeds? +-

How can I encourage moss to grow in my garden and on stones and artifacts? +-

Where does the Garden get the white sand used in the Flat Garden? +-

How do you rake the sand? +-

Where can I find lanterns and other stone artifacts? +-