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Experience the seasons of the Portland Japanese Garden: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Considered among the best Japanese gardens in the world, and one of the foremost outside of Japan, the Garden is enjoyed by thousands of visitors annually. In spite of its popularity, the Garden remains a serene and tranquil retreat to all who enter its gates. These pictures of the Portland Japanese Garden offer a look at the Garden year-round.


As the seasons turn, the Portland Japanese Garden celebrates traditional springtime Japanese festivals, such as O Shogatsu and Hina Matsuri. The Garden’s plants awaken, new leaves burst open, and hope returns for a new year.


The Portland Japanese Garden offers a serene retreat from the modern world. The tall pine and fir trees shelter visitors from the hot sun. Their shade cools the Garden’s blossoming plants and hardy trees. A top destination for visitors to Portland, the Garden is a favorite place to beat the heat and enjoy a serene, tranquil escape from the busy-ness of daily life.


The Portland Japanese Garden is a standout in any season. But as our members know, autumn is perhaps the most breathtaking time of year to view our 5.5 acres. For these few weeks, the Garden’s Japanese maples, woven amongst a curtain of native evergreens, turn to fiery shades of red and gold.

In a part of the world better known for its year-round greenery, the Pacific Northwest comes to life once a year with exquisite tone and texture. It’s a photographer’s dream for professionals and amateurs alike and visitors come from all over the world.


The Portland Japanese Garden, covered in snow and ice, is austere and tranquil. Drifting snowflakes, bare branches, and frost-covered lanterns. Winter is a magical time here. With no leaves or blossoms to distract the eye, the trees’ beautiful bones are exposed. Water slows, inviting contemplation and inner quiet. As snow falls, the Garden sleeps, waiting for the first whisper of spring.