Art in the Garden

Exhibition Series

“Each of these exhibitions features Japanese artists who are exploring new territory in their work, from a studio artist who looks to the past for techniques and inspiration in the world of the woodblock print, to a group of 11 contemporary artists and designers who are using lacquer to stretch the limits of a traditional material to find new uses to fit modern living, to a Living National Treasure master craftsman that strives to draw attention to lacquer as something that is at once old and new. This year explores traditional techniques through artists with new ideas—just as our Garden strives to share the timeless and universal relevance of its tranquil natural environment with people living amidst the stresses and influences of the modern world.”

- Diane Durston, the Arlene Schnitzer Curator of Culture, Art, and Education

The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation and William G. Gilmore Foundation are sponsors of the Garden’s Culture, Art, and Education programs for 2014.

Art in the Garden:  2014 Exhibitions


Ray Morimura:

Prints for All Seasons

April 12–May 4



Rediscovering Lacquer

12 Artists Invent a Timeless Tradition

June 14–July 6




Masterpieces of Lacquer Ware by Kazumi Murose, Living Natural Treasure of Japan

October 25–November 16

Art in the Garden:  Past Exhibitions

"Sora ni" Fukami

A Distant View

The Porcelain Sculpture of Sueharu Fukami with Photographs by Jean Vollum

Fall 2013

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Isamu Noguchi, "Untitled," circa 1955-1965

Isamu Noguchi

We Are the Landscape of All We Know

Summer 2013

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"Katachi" by Toko Shinoda

Toko Shinoda at 100

50 Prints & Paintings, Toko Shinoda at 100

Winter 2013

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 Anne Crumpacker1201

Bamboo Art

Meditation and Transformation

Fall 2012

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Threads of Hope

The Textile Art of Hiroshi Saito

Summer 2012

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Meditative Moments

Tea Ceramics by Richard Milgrim and Paintings by Hiroshi Senju

Spring 2012

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The Fabric of Life:  Lessons in Frugality from Traditional Japan

Fall 2011

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Urban Green

Small Trees for Small Spaces – Bonsai

Summer 2011

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Come Back Koi!

Come Back Koi!

Spring 2011

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The Photographs of Ishimoto Yasuhiro

Winter 2011

Shihoko Fukumoto

Indigo is the Color of My Dreams

Fall 2010


From Damsels to Demons

The Hidden Art of Netsuke Carving

Summer 2010


Deloss Webber

Small Blessings in Bamboo and Stone

Winter 2010


The Bontei Tray Gardens

of Marc Peter Keane

Fall 2009


Parallel Worlds

Art of the Ainu of Hokkaido and Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest

Summer 2009


Michihiro Kosuge

The Quiet Voice of Metal & Stone

Winter 2008


Dream Weaver

The Bamboo Art of Jiro Yonezawa

Fall 2008


Frozen Music

Glass in the Garden

Summer 2008


Northern Lights

Ceramic Art of Hokkaido

Spring 2008