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Cultural Crossing Construction Impacts

From now until April 2017, the Garden’s Cultural Crossing expansion project will be under construction outside of the Garden’s gate.

We have worked with Portland Parks & Recreation and the adjoining Neighborhood Association to mitigate the construction’s impact to daily routines during this period. Here’s what you should know:

For Washington Park Visitors

Construction is happening across SW Kingston Avenue from the tennis courts in the former Japanese Garden parking area.

The two tennis courts at the north end of the Washington Park will be closed from July 20, 2015 to Spring 2017. Both courts will be used for construction staging during this time. They will be restored to full usability by Spring 2017.

Construction workers will not use public parking spaces in Washington Park, except in designated areas in front of the tennis courts.



Are You Using the Wildwood Trail?

The Wildwood spur trail along Japanese Garden’s service road will close Sept. 8, 2015 and remain closed until the project’s completion in 2017. See Map A.

 A new connector trail will be available by Fall 2017. See Map B.

Construction Good Neighbor Pledges

  • Construction workers will not park in front of residences.
  • Construction trucks will exit Washington Park via SW Kingston to SW Tichner to W Burnside Street. (For more details on how this route was selected, click here.) In the event of congestion at the traffic light, Portland Dept. of Transportation will adjust the timer to reduce congestion.
  • Mud and debris will be cleaned from the trucks before they leave the construction site.
  • Back-up beepers on trucks will be silenced during early morning hours.

Construction Work Hours – Weekdays

Monday – Friday
8am to 5pm

Construction Work Hours – Weekends

For the overall project construction work, Hoffman may be required to work an occasional Saturday during the remainder of the construction period.


Project Questions

Portland Japanese Garden

Lisa Christy, Director of Marketing & Communications

(503) 328-0050


Construction Questions

Hoffman Construction

Josh Faulkner, Project Manager

(503) 701-7686