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Access to the Wildwood Trail

As the Cultural Crossing expansion progresses, it is critical for the Portland Japanese Garden to maintain a safe construction site. At the same time, we needed to find a sustainable way to replace a familiar walking path connecting Washington Park to the Wildwood Trail. Portland Parks & Recreation vetted feedback from the community over the three-year planning process. We feel confident that the final plans reflect our commitment to build an alternative path to the Wildwood Trail.

During the Garden’s construction period, an alternative route that applies to the Wildwood Trail and the Garden’s paved access road must be used for foot traffic. This answers the need for connectivity throughout Washington Park while ensuring safety to hikers and pedestrians traversing the Park. Please use SW Fairview Blvd. to SW Kingston Ave. as a detour until construction is completed until Spring 2017. By Fall 2017, the new trail will be complete, offering safe access to pedestrians between the Wildwood Trail and Washington Park.

We understand that the temporary alternate route is not the preferred route for some within our community. The Portland Japanese Garden and Portland Parks & Recreation ask that all pedestrians discontinue using the previous route and start using the alternate route. With heavy trucks and equipment using the Garden’s service road for the next 18 months, everyone’s safety is paramount.

After construction is finalized, the new path will be available for public use and will be very similar to the path hikers have been accustomed to using in the past. See Wildwood Trail Access Map for details.

As promised, the Portland Japanese Garden will pay to build this new trail. We are also relieving Portland Parks of the long-term responsibility of maintaining the trail to ensure this solution is preserved for generations to come. As stewards of this public land, the Portland Japanese Garden will always seek out the best way to serve its neighbors, the city of Portland, and the 300,000 members and visitors who come to the Garden each year.